Post Construction Cleaning Checklist for Your Ontario Home

Post Construction Cleaning

Are you all done with your renovation project for your Ontario home? Wait! Is it messy all around? Do not worry! Consider s professional post-construction cleaning service in Ontario to sit back and enjoy your new space.

Post Construction Cleaning

Before the layers of dust leave a freshly renovated home looking old, here is a post-construction checklist for you. It will help you give the finishing touches to your beautiful new home. When the Ontario cleaning professionals are there for help, you are going to get the best service.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist Includes:

Vacuum the Upholstery and Carpets: 

After renovation work, you can find dust and dirt particles everywhere (like in the curtains, carpeted floors, and upholstered furniture). If these dust and dirt particles are allowed to settle after construction, it can create a filthy home environment. It can create an unpleasant space for your family, friends, and guests.

The expert post-construction cleaning professionals in Ontario make sure to vacuum all soft surfaces with attention to the details. Vacuuming the entire upholstery and carpets ensures a dust and dirt free home environment.

Wipe Down the Hard Surfaces:

The post-construction cleaning professionals clean your space top-down. During construction, your walls collect dust. The safest way to remove the dust particles without damaging the wall surface is dry dusting. Depending on the type of paint or wall covering, the experienced cleaning professionals take the necessary steps to clean the walls.

Do not forget to clean up the moldings and cabinets. These are the favorite resting places for dust particles. The cleaning professionals clean the interior shelves of all cabinets; wipe off countertops and any other flat surfaces with utmost care.

Your floors are properly swept, vacuumed, and treated to remove any presence of spots and debris.

Sanitizing Kitchen:

Full sanitization of the kitchen is one of the essential things that you should consider. Allow the expert cleaning professionals to remove the sticky residue and labels to ensure all dust and dirt particles are cleared. It makes your kitchen spotlessly clean and ready to use.

Disinfect Bathrooms:

It can be difficult for you to clean up the settled debris and dust from your bathroom surfaces. Let the cleaning professionals remove the debris from the bathroom fixtures, surfaces, showers, bathtub, etc. Using the right and safe products, the cleaning professionals disinfect and ensure a clean and germ-free bathroom.

For a dust-free living space, do not overlook cleaning these all things:

– Ceilings, light fixtures, doors, and appliances

– Window tracks, frames, and sills

– Polishing stainless steel fixtures and mirrors and more

If you do not want to deal with the mess after a disruptive home renovation process, rely on our professional post-construction cleaning service in Ontario. Our expert team can do post-construction cleaning for you effectively and safely. If you show proof that we didn’t meet your expectations, then our cleaning service is free. We perform post-соnѕtruсtiоn сlеаn up for you with perfection. Our goal is to achieve your satisfaction with quality cleaning service.

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